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Reaper in ABNM

The Abscess, normal mode. I go on my Mystic. Only healer in the party, as it’s through ims.

Everything’s cool until we get to Krakatox and the cave starts collapsing. 

Reaper loses 90’s of health in one hit due to standing right in front of him while he attacks.

As soon as she hits the floor, we get a classic line: “healer?”

I can’t afford to stop what I’m doing since the boss is almost down, so I finish supporting everyone as it ends.

"Focus more on healing and less on dps maybe?"

Well I could be a smartass and say “isn’t focusing on the dps my job?” but instead I’m confused, as all I was doing was dropping balls and using power buff alongside heals. Also, there are hp motes everywhere.

I try not to be rude of course, and rez the Reaper whilst replying that I was focused on healing, she just went down too fast.

"Oh, we don’t have a Priest, my bad."

Just… what? So you’re either implying that you have no idea what Mystics do, or you’re implying that it’s because I’m a Mystic that you couldn’t be “Saved” through a practical one-shot. Please take a taxi and leave my raid, thanks.

And that was pretty much all I said, I don’t have the time or desire to argue with people who think that auto-attacking for a minute straight is an acceptable form of dps as a Reaper. I’m used to getting shit on as a mystic but admittedly, this one cracked me up. Mystics can’t carry your sorry ass, so git gud.

On another note, whenever I get Reapers in the party I have to practically babysit during Krakatox because no one seems to want to dodge, or god forbid, counter. If I can lose practically no health 90% of the time in 3 pieces of Oculus, then so can you. It’s fine to back off for a second and get out of harm’s way. Watch the boss carefully, look at their tells, and observe their attacks. Krakatox is very easy because of how big and ugly he is. Now, if you get caught in the trap and he’s bombarding you before we can get you out, no problem.

Also, when I get caught in the trap myself, help. I can’t heal you if I’m stuck and having to try to save myself.

Anyway just a mild Tera rant, I wasn’t in the best of moods yesterday but people’s ignorance can really grind my gears. And especially if their only 60 is a Reaper. Good Grief.


Hay there everyone!~ It’s me again :D

I recently bought Disgaea 4 and Catherine which both feature online play *u* I’m so happy xD

I don’t really have a lot of money so my library is limited atm, but I have LBP as well. And a USB mic! I’d love to make more friends and co-up to play these games :D

(Though I JUST started Disgaea 4 so obviously I’m not a very high level yet xD but still!)

My PSN ID: Menchiballs

Please add me if you wish! And please send me your ID through either an ask, a response, or a reblog! I’d love to add you!

I’m a bit busy so I’m not on all the time but there are times when I’m totally in the gaming zone! Let’s play!

Suddenly, I have tons of stuff to share

First of all, to my newest follower, nami-tsuki, THANK YOU DOOD!

I know I’m not all that interesting but still xD I am honored~

Secondly, I’ve uploaded parts 1-4 of my HELL NIGHT, AKA DARK MESSIAH LP

Things aren’t that scary yet, and I know MikeNnemonic is pretty unbeatable when it comes to games like this, but I’m having way too much fun.


And on my dub account i’ll be doing the Mrs.Pumpkin’s Comical Dream Animation for DSChorus

While also drawing a picture for Yama’s birthday, which I will be posting here.

Thank you for listening! And I’ll be sure to post a shitton of screenies >D

Let’s Play — extremely fun, but a little nervous-making

Hello there! My name is Hoka n__n

I just wanted to tell you that a little while ago my pal Franky and I started our own Let’s Play channel. We’re kind of novices, but playing games and doing commentary, I’ve found, is really enjoyable (even if at first you’re really bad at it)

So I’m going to keep at it!

First I started with something I had on-hand and that was frustrating and a chemical for a good time— MariAri, a sleepwalker ripoff and a touhou Doujin game starring Marisa and Alice. Loads of fun, but the last world is pretty unreasonable and I find myself to be frustrated often xD Yet I’ve been told doing things blindly is rather entertaining.

Here’s the playlist link:

There are only 3 videos so far, but I’m going to be uploading the next two this week, and will be upping my pace because I want to be slightly speedy when I have the extra time.

The next thing I’m rendering is Hell Night, which I’ll start posting when I at least have 6+ parts recorded and rendered. Of course, Rendering takes a while so i’ll probably only be able to record + render one time each day. But things should still be at a fast pace!

Franky will also be adding to our pile probably next year, since he’s very busy with school at the moment and the only thing I’m able to do is hunt for jobs OTL

I’m sorry for the long introduction, but I hope we can get encouragement to become better and make lots more videos! I’d love to get scared/angry for you XD haha

Thank you, and take care! to the Lp’ers of the world!

Imperishable Night

I think I’m kinda getting why it’s one of the most popular Towhore games around!

(And I say Towhore because since everyone’s female and I get pissed at a boss I usually yell “whore” first XD haha! but I love everybody <3 Oh yes Reimu, even you in IN and PoFW *evil eye twitch*)

Well anyways. The music is great, the setting is epic, and you can pick up to 4 characters *sparkle* well, 8 if you count technically. I hope that everything after 13 and on will give you 4 playable characters, at least. Reimu and Marisa of course, but then 2 out of our epic female grab-bag!

Okay whatever. It’s midnight and I’m tired. But surprisingly, my focus was sharpe enough to complete IN on Normal. Using continues, of course. It’s so challening and fun, though. I hope that I can practice a lot and become a pro :Db

I wanna do a Let’s play of “The worst Normal run of IN EVER” It wont be horrid, but commentary, yelling, crying, and all sorts of things would happen xD It’d be epic… hmm. Well let’s see what happens!

So, I watched Death Bell

Plot was allright, I just wish I could understand the puzzles a little better. But there’s a reason for that!

Does everyone watch it just because of Kim Bum? I wanted to check it out because I saw it on BOF and realized that Goo JoonPyo is a wimp xD I only jumped… okay, a few slight times!

Not really interested in seeing the second one, I needa catch up on Maze, Excel Saga, and Durarara xDDD

And the movie proves a lesson we all knew was true — Parents are SCARY WHEN YOU MAKE BAD GRADES *shot*

Nerd/Collector moments

So since I have to be moved by Saturday, I’m doing some last-minute going through stuff while also letting twitter distract me.

I started with my CD’s, as I have a crapton of them and I know most of them are faulty (Like, I tried to burn all those Touhou mixes on a few Cd’s and one CD nly burned one song… WHAT A WASTE.

Well after fixing all that, I went through the rest. I found a DDR CD that Burger King was giving away in kids meals a few years ago, My Pokemon “2BA Master” CD that was given to me in middle school, and some old CD’s that I saved pictures on that I edited in paint to make icons and stuff. 

I also found Anime songs that I had long forgotten, such as Love Panic from Ranma and the openings + endings to Ninja Nonsense. I realize now why that show has an R rating xD

If I find any more cool stuff I’ll say so. But it’s so neat to take a trip down memory lane xD

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