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Imperishable Night

I think I’m kinda getting why it’s one of the most popular Towhore games around!

(And I say Towhore because since everyone’s female and I get pissed at a boss I usually yell “whore” first XD haha! but I love everybody <3 Oh yes Reimu, even you in IN and PoFW *evil eye twitch*)

Well anyways. The music is great, the setting is epic, and you can pick up to 4 characters *sparkle* well, 8 if you count technically. I hope that everything after 13 and on will give you 4 playable characters, at least. Reimu and Marisa of course, but then 2 out of our epic female grab-bag!

Okay whatever. It’s midnight and I’m tired. But surprisingly, my focus was sharpe enough to complete IN on Normal. Using continues, of course. It’s so challening and fun, though. I hope that I can practice a lot and become a pro :Db

I wanna do a Let’s play of “The worst Normal run of IN EVER” It wont be horrid, but commentary, yelling, crying, and all sorts of things would happen xD It’d be epic… hmm. Well let’s see what happens!

EoSD - new patch, texture, and hitbox

Okay, so everyone knows I’m slow on the uptake when it comes to things that I love (Yeah LOL) but when I was checking out the Touhou Frustrations blog, I was wondering why someone was playing EoSD and had a hitbox! I’m such a weenie, I’m so bad at the older games cause I always misjudge where it actually is to where I think it is and get KILLED!! (My the time I reach patchy, I’m done for xD)

I just found my ticket and so now I’m off to play and procrastinate, to do things any other cute gal would be doing at home all alone xD

ALSO. I GOT MY 13 YEAR OLD SISTER TO PLAY TEN DESIRES AND SHES HOOKED. I was like “you’re gonna be the coolest of your friends LOL”


I hate how Reimu is 3x harder than Marisa in IN :<

Admin: Let us take a moment to appreciate some of their spellcards


Her attacks are slow, but abundant. It looks scarier than what it really is. Normally dodgeable.


Intimidating as hell. Fast as hell. Barely unavoidable, as you have to squeeze pretty tight between the darn millimeter between bullets.

I think you may be right.

I think I might be crazy, for some reason I have a lot harder time trying to dodge Marisa’s bullets LOL

Something… is probably wrong with me xD

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