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Didn’t mean to double post (kinda), but this is the time where I facepalm myself about my lack of knowledge when it comes to posting on tumblr. Apparently I can’t post long images like how I do on dA here, might have to rethink about my layout when posting if that’s the case.

I ship these two so hard just cuz the fanart. This is awesome btw.

Reaper in ABNM

The Abscess, normal mode. I go on my Mystic. Only healer in the party, as it’s through ims.

Everything’s cool until we get to Krakatox and the cave starts collapsing. 

Reaper loses 90’s of health in one hit due to standing right in front of him while he attacks.

As soon as she hits the floor, we get a classic line: “healer?”

I can’t afford to stop what I’m doing since the boss is almost down, so I finish supporting everyone as it ends.

"Focus more on healing and less on dps maybe?"

Well I could be a smartass and say “isn’t focusing on the dps my job?” but instead I’m confused, as all I was doing was dropping balls and using power buff alongside heals. Also, there are hp motes everywhere.

I try not to be rude of course, and rez the Reaper whilst replying that I was focused on healing, she just went down too fast.

"Oh, we don’t have a Priest, my bad."

Just… what? So you’re either implying that you have no idea what Mystics do, or you’re implying that it’s because I’m a Mystic that you couldn’t be “Saved” through a practical one-shot. Please take a taxi and leave my raid, thanks.

And that was pretty much all I said, I don’t have the time or desire to argue with people who think that auto-attacking for a minute straight is an acceptable form of dps as a Reaper. I’m used to getting shit on as a mystic but admittedly, this one cracked me up. Mystics can’t carry your sorry ass, so git gud.

On another note, whenever I get Reapers in the party I have to practically babysit during Krakatox because no one seems to want to dodge, or god forbid, counter. If I can lose practically no health 90% of the time in 3 pieces of Oculus, then so can you. It’s fine to back off for a second and get out of harm’s way. Watch the boss carefully, look at their tells, and observe their attacks. Krakatox is very easy because of how big and ugly he is. Now, if you get caught in the trap and he’s bombarding you before we can get you out, no problem.

Also, when I get caught in the trap myself, help. I can’t heal you if I’m stuck and having to try to save myself.

Anyway just a mild Tera rant, I wasn’t in the best of moods yesterday but people’s ignorance can really grind my gears. And especially if their only 60 is a Reaper. Good Grief.

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