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Anonymous asked:

Hi there. Anon here to answer your question about the problems you've been experiencing with American McGee's Alice. So I've also downloaded Madness Returns (with the whole dresses and DLC thing as well) through PSN and into my PS3. It's actually runs pretty great though certain effects didn't run as well as they could have. What might have happened though is that when you downloaded it, there was an error that occurred so you might want to redownload it, that is if you want to.

Thanks, sorry that I sounded so angry in my post XD (I’m normally pretty chill, but dying for the billionth time kinda lit up my fuse.) The only reason I didn’t think of it was because my internet is super slow, so it will take admittedly around half a day or so. But I’ll try that! Seems like it could help. Thank you for the suggestion! :D

American McGee’s Alice on the PS3 is the worst port I’ve ever experienced.

Greetings everyone, I’ve searched around a bit on this board but I haven’t really found anyone who has a problem similar to mine, so I wanted to make a new topic in detail. Here’s the rundown:

I bought the digital version of Alice: Madness Returns including the DLC dresses and original American Mcgee’s Alice on the PSN store.

Madness returns ran okay, a few stutters here and there and some finicky textures, just the similar stuff to what others have expressed on the board; nothing major.

However, the original game has given me boatloads of problems, especially in the performance area. The game constantly stutters, loses frames, and even freezes for a few seconds at extremely frequent intervals. It’s been one of the main reasons of death, as it tends to happen right before I make a jump over a bottomless pit. 

Sometimes, even if the level is going fine, my controls just lock up out of nowhere in an odd position, and I can’t move for awhile or until I get hit. (One instance was on level 3, the Vale of Tears, when my controls made Alice just walk sideways continuously until she hit a wall, and then look straight up. She got stuck like that until she got hit by a bomb-thingy that those evil bugs drop.) There’s also been instances where my attack button just did nothing, and I had to mash it and flail around like a numbnut until it finally worked. (and don’t worry, I made sure I didn’t throw the knife first or anything like that)

I just can’t imagine what the problem is, I mean it’s not like I’m running it off a disc. All of my other games, DLC or disc, run perfectly with no problems. This is the only game where I’ve seen such abysmal performance. Can anyone relate, or have similar experiences? Possible causes? Thanks in advance.

SIDE NOTE: I literally just ragequit because of the fucking control lockup. Alice just kept walking automatically and wouldn’t stop moving. I DIED BECAUSE SHE FACEPLANTED INTO LAVA. IT’S NOT MY CONTROLLER. Does anyone have an explanation? This kind of shitty porting is NOT acceptable and certainly isn’t worth money, I’m playing a broken game. /end rant

Playing SMT Nocturne, The final push!

Finally in the tower of Kagutsuchi, the final area!

Feeling pretty good about my first playthrough on hard, got a solid team.Tao Tie is hilariously broken with his life drain (Oh I’m sorry there Mot, you don’t have any mana?) and Cu Chu’s taunt is absolutely awesome for mowing down just about everything.Gotta refine a couple fusions, but let me say one thing…

Odin with Prayer = awesome. Samael, you were saying…? ;)

Been having quite a nice night just browsing my tumblr feed and favoriting just about everything haha.

Gonna be a productive week for sure, tomorrow I’m gonna definitely work on my next blog discussion~ it’s about Shinsekai Yori, an anime that really exceeded my expectations and was a blast to watch.

No time to waste! Everyone, have a good night and take care~ 

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